Ocean Reef & Anglers Club Radio

North Key Largo, Florida's #1 Station Since 1994


Ocean Reef Public             Radio Inc.

worz-lp 107.9 Fm  


Established in 1994 as WORC radio on the Ocean Reef Club Cable (CTV 5,6 and 9) then in 1999 became one of the countrys first LPFM stations as , Then on May 15th 2013 our station moved its channel to 107.9 FM to give use more power and  is a full FM Stereo Service radio station serving the exclusive Anglers Club, Ocean Reef Club and North Key Largo, Florida communities! For further information on our exclusive gated paradise visit www.oceanreef.com. We operate the Monroe County EAS system for North Key Largo

 In addition to the homes, condominiums and docks accomodating vessels up to 200 feet in our community, our programming is accessed by the businesses at Ocean Reef Club and over 750 guest hotel suites.

  was the first station in the world to be fully automated and currently is operated by a state-of-the art computer system to assure listeners of the best sound, Emergency Alert System (EAS Monroe County, Florida), and its sponsors un-paralleled exposure to one of the most affluent markets in the country! (additional demographic information available by appointment upon request) 

If you want access to the Anglers Club, Ocean Reef Club and North Key Largo you need ... the area's number one radio station since 1994! In March of 2008 WORZ 107.9 FM went worldwide via:
                            www.KeysFM.com !

        This also works on iPhons, iPads and smart phones!


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